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Float Therapy is the most remarkable Holistic Treatment available today. Allowing you to relax body, mind and spirit simultaneously for a true rest experience.
Stretch your body, mind and perspective with our Mindfulness & Yoga style classes. Your complete relaxation practice from the inside & out.
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For an absolute sense of well-being, leave your daily stress and tension behind with one of our Therapeutic Treatments.


watch the video to Discover what floating is really about and how it can change your life.

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Float Therapy
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Dream – Learn – Reflect -Adjust

By Cindy O’Donnell I read a post the other day where an Entrepreneur called out Entrepreneurs who claimed that their long hours and crazy dedication was because they “do it for their kids”. He said that was a bullshit excuse because if anyone wanted to do anything for their kids and for their family it […]

Float Away Claustrophobic Fears

Guest Post by Alex Natwick, True Rest Float Spa We hear it all the time from first-time floaters (especially those that have a few viewings of Altered States under their belts). How big are the pods? How do the doors work? There’s no WAY I could float – I’d feel trapped! Our first piece of advice to […]
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