Kini Kids

Hi Kids !
Let the magic begin. Are you looking for a healing session or treatment to help you with some aches and pains that you may be experiencing?
Do you need advice or help with communicating with that “imaginary friend” of yours?
Ar you having a hard time sleeping at night because of bad dreams?
Do you have a hard time sitting still or concentrating at school?
Or maybe you are looking for a Reiki class to learn this amazing healing technique for yourself because you keep hearing a grown up talk about it.

No matter what it is that you are looking for, you have come to the right place!
Our mission at Kini Wellness is making healing Simple and Fun!
Cindy loves to have fun and she had taken many certifications and classes that specialize in working with kids and their unique needs.
Have your parent or guardian contact me and we can set up a plan to get you on your way to being the amazing, happy and healthy you that you deserve to be.

I look forward to working with you and your family.

Float Therapy
Massage Therapy
Cranio-Sacral Therapy and SER for Infants and Children

Private Group Rates available, please contact us for pricing info.

Kini Kids
(ages 6 and up):
Full Day Class
$175 first child, $75 each additional child (same family)
2 Hour Workshop
$25 first child, $45 Family Pass (2 Kids), $65 Family Pass (3 Kids)

A full day that is set up to empower and encourage kids to grow up being their authentic wonderful selves.
You will learn techniques to help you relax, focus and reach your true potential!
During this 1 day workshop, we will be using and teaching techniques such as the Law of Attraction, Compassionate Touch, Reiki Principles, Meditation, Yoga, Movement Therapy, Dream/Vision boards and much much more.
Your parents attend Reiki classes, Leadership Seminars and Holistic Health activities, it’s only fair that you get to as well!

Reiki Level 1
(Ages 12 and up): $135 first child, $50 each additional child (same family)

A great introduction class to teach you what is the Reiki way of life and Reiki healing treatments.
You will learn what is Universal Life Force Energy and how to use it in your every day life in order to improve meditation, reduce stress, calm anxiety, expand your perspective and assist in healing pain in the body.
Includes a four ritual attunement that allows to permanently activate the energy channel from which the Reiki energy flows into the person receiving the Attunement.
Level 1 teaches self treatments as well as giving a full Reiki treatment to others.
It is the start of awaking ones consciousness.

The Zen-Diva
(Empowering Teenage girls)

Teenage girls face so many challenges growing up in this busy and sometimes overwhelming world.
Do you have a team or a group that could use an empowering workshop unlike any other?
These events are customized to your specific needs and intentions/desires.
From meditation, yoga and skincare education to leadership, personal development and team building;
let us give you the tools that you need to stay grounded, be happy and stand in your power all while finding your unique voice. Let’s make magic happen for you and your group!